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Glossary Law of Attraction

Are you interested in Law of Attraction, positivity or anything related to it!?
You have been listening to VOD and PODcast and reading articles/blogs about it?

If so, you must have noticed all the jargon used by experts or LAO gurus! Does this jargon makes you confused and might even want to make stop researching about it? I have the perfect solution, a Glossary!


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Abstract:                            Abstract thought is in the higher ranges of thought, rather than in the concrete, as in particular objects.

Abundance:                        Since thought produces fact, the fact must be like the thought which produces it. Hence a thought of impoverishment would create an impoverished condition, while the recognition of abundance would inevitably produce abundance.

                  The sum total of all that one has ever said, thought, done or seen,                                                             consciously or unconsciously.

Action:                                Making your thoughts a reality.

Active ideas of truth:       An active state of consciousness created for a definite purpose.

Affirmation:                       The definition of affirmation is the act of confirming something to be true, or is a written or oral statement that confirms something is true.

Agnosticism:                      The doctrine that neither the nature nor the existence of God nor the ultimate character of the universe is knowable.

Akasha:                               A supposed universal etheric field in which a record of past events is imprinted.

Alignment:                         To be in alignment is to be thinking thoughts that naturally allow you to be feeling a state of peace, love, happiness, contentment, relaxation, enthusiasm, or joy. Also to be lined-up, in the flow, have an open valve, feel tuned-in, in the zone, or positively focused

Allowing:                            As well as the mastery of the ability to let life happen, to receive, and to allow one’s experiences without trying to fight them or to change them.

Analogy:                             A comparison between two things, typically for the purpose of explanation or clarification.

Axiom:                                a Truth so self-evident that it would be impossible for sanity to contradict it.



Belief:                                 An acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.

Blessing:                             Constructive thought directed toward any person or any condition; any constructive thought designed to be helpful.

BOPA:                                  An abbreviation that stands for Book of Positive Aspects. It is shorthand for finding and/or collecting lists of positive aspects, by deliberately and consciously focusing on the good qualities of people and situations, and writing them down.

Bounce:                              Great deal lately to refer to the “uumph”, the power, and the “punch” of attraction energy that is available when you immediately identify ‘what you DO want instead’ while experiencing negative emotion.

Buffet:                                The banquet table of life, or ALL the possible experiences are known to humankind, from which you can sample various things, “taste” them, and clarify preferences.

Burning brush:                  Refers to the thought that all nature is alive with the Divine Presence. It is the recognition of this Divine Presence which causes the voice to proceed from nature.



Causation:                          The action of causing something.

Change:                              The appearance and disappearance of forms.

Coeternal:                          Always existing. Uncreated.

Coexistent:                        That which exists with.

Conceive:                           To give birth to an idea.

Concentration:                  Bringing the attention to a focus.

Concept:                             An idea in mind.

Concrete cause:                Definite idea.

Conditions:                        That which follows cause; the effect of law.

Conflict:                              Inner mental struggle, conscious or unconscious.

Conscious mind:               The self-knowing mind in God or man.

Contemplate:                    To know within the self.

Contrast:                            Describe everything that we experience in life; everything that happens to us, around us, to others, and every bit of experiential information that comes into our awareness.



Desire:                                A strong wish to have something.

Disc:                                    To help visualize the consciousness levels of the Emotional Scale in a more physical way. Imagine a sort of magical elevator comprised of spinning energetic discs at various levels, the lower discs having predominate emotional states such as annoyed, or discouragement, or worry, whereas the high-flying discs are emotions like contentment, enthusiasm, fascination, eagerness, or joy. You “choose” what disc (level) you want to be on by the thoughts, memories, and stimulus you allow into your attention and focus.

Downstream:                    A shorthand way of saying “to go with the flow”, to make Peace with an idea, thought, or situation, or, to find some relief from negative thoughts on a given subject.

Driftwood:                         Indicators, evidence or clues that what you desire is beginning to manifest itself around you.



Ego:                                     Your ego is your conscious mind, the part of your identity that you consider your “self.” If you say someone has “a big ego,” then you are saying he is too full of himself.

Emotional scale:               The hierarchy of emotional states based on their vibrational frequencies and energetic ‘distance’ from the truth of your natural state/Inner Being and Source Energy consciousness. Shame is at the bottom of the emotional scale, along with fear, despair, and powerlessness, while joy, empowerment, freedom, love, appreciation, and passion are at the top.

Energy:                               A continuum that unites body and mind.

Evolution:                           The passing of Spirit into form.

Existence:                           The cause of its own being, depending upon nothing but itself.

Expansion:                         To become greater in size, extent, volume, quantity, or scope; to get larger and more encompassing.

Expectancy:                       The state of thinking or hoping that something, especially something pleasant, will happen or be the case.



Faculty:                               Any mode of bodily of mental behavior regarded as implying a natural endowment or acquired power—the faculties of seeing, hearing, feeling, etc.

False personality:            It can be seen as an unconscious defense mechanism. It starts to develop around the age of 5, 6 as a result of unconscious interactions between the vulnerable essence of a child and its parents, teachers, and other children. It is the imaginary picture that people have about themselves, based on ignorance, and it is also that part in our psychology where negative emotions can exist.

Familiar spirits:                 Refers to the control of consciousness through the instrument of some invisible agency.

Form:                                  Any definite outline in time and space. Forms may be visible or invisible. In all probability, all space is filled with many kinds of forms.

Formless substance:        Ultimate stuff from which all forms are created, universally present, in an unformed state, and acted upon by conscious and subconscious intelligence. It is the nature of the Soul to give form to the ideas with which It is impregnated.

Function:                            The normal action of any organ.



Grid:                                    The concept of how energy arranges itself and accumulates, around a person based on the thoughts, beliefs, words, attention, and focus of the moment.



Habit:                                  Any act that has become a part of the subconscious mind.

Halo:                                   The emanation that appears around the head.

Higher conscious:            Expressions used to denote the consciousness of a human being who has reached a higher level of evolutionary development and who has come to know reality as it is.


Identification:                   A state that binds our psychology of the moment to the world. We have no awareness of Source. There are gradations of it. At its strongest, your perception becomes very narrow, like a tunnel vision. There is no scale or relativity. Negative emotions cannot exist without it. In Buddhism, it’s called “attachment”.

Illumination:                      Inspiration reaching Cosmic state. A direct contact with Reality or God.

Illusion of the mind:        Means looking at a picture in Mind which may be real, only as a picture, but not as substance. As a picture of a person is not the person, so there are many pictures, drawn in Mind, which are real only as pictures. Mine is not an illusion but might present us with illusions, unless we are very careful to distinguish the false from the true.

Image:                                The mental likeness of anything.

Imagination:                      The imaging faculty.

Immortality:                      The Deathless Principle of Being in all people.

Immutable law:                Absolute in its ability to accomplish.

Impressions:                      The content of your mind (that what you perceive with your “inner eye”), at any given moment. In the Law of Attraction, these are called Vibrations.

Individuality:                      The Real Idea of man, as distinguished from the outer personality.

Induce:                                The act of planting seeds of thought in Creative Mind

Inductive Reasoning:       Reasoning from effect to cause.

Infinite:                               That which is beyond all comprehension.

Inner sight:                        The spiritual capacity of knowing the Truth. It is a mental quality which brings the mentality to a comprehension of Reality.

Inspiration:                        From the human side, means contact with the subconscious of the individual or the race.

Intellect:                             The reasoning faculty.

Intentions:                         Are affirmative statements of what you DO want to have, be, do, experience, or would like to have happened, made in advance. To be intentional is to have a positively focused idea, plan, or purpose in mind, and to imagine yourself successful in experiencing it.

Intuition:                            The ability to know without any process of reasoning.

Involution:                         Ideas involved in Mind.



Karma:                                The result of a person’s actions as well as the actions themselves. It is a term about the cycle of cause and effect. According to the theory of Karma, what happens to a person, happens because they caused it with their actions.



LAO:                                    Abbreviations of Law of Attraction – Meaning:

Latent life:                         Life that depends upon reality.

Law:                                    Mind in action.

Laying new pipes:            Referring to some buried plumbing lines which had filled with roots. So, rather than try to clean out the existing pipes, it was more efficient and cost-effective to “lay new pipes” instead. It means that for the Law of Attraction, forming new beliefs and choosing new habits of thought is better than trying to “get to the bottom of” and heal old problems/issues.

Life:                                     The animating Principle of Being.

Love:                                   The givingness of the self.

Low-hanging fruits:         Something that is within easy reach. And so, in Law of Attraction terms, meaning something that is really easy to feel good about, and focusing on something that is easy to love/doesn’t have any negativity attached to it for you.



Macrocosm:                      The Universal World.

Malpractice:                      The destructive use of Mind Power.

Mania:                                An irresistible desire controlling personal action.

Manifestation:                  Anything (positive or negative) that comes into physical world reality that had previously been only a vision, an idea, a desire, a wish, a thought or a plan (or sometimes, not even in your conscious awareness.) A manifestation is really anything, and everything, that happens to you or comes into your awareness as a thing, a feeling, an emotion, or information of any kind.

Matter:                               Any form which substance takes in the world of sense and objectivity.

Medium:                             One who objectifies subjectivity.

Mental atmosphere:       The mental emanation of anything, any person or any place. Everything has some kind of a mental atmosphere.

Mental treatment:           The act, art, and science of inducing thought in Mind, which thought, operated upon by Mind, becomes a manifested condition.

Mesmerism:                       The influence of personality.

Mind song:                        A tool that helps you to remember your Vision when you need to.

Mind:                                   Mind is both conscious and subconscious.

Momentum:                      Refers to the build-up of energy, the intensity, motion, speed, and quantity of thoughts, emotions, and vibrations currently active on any topic that you have strong feelings/opinions about, as well as its resistance to slowing down.  To slow down the speed or intensity of your manifestations, start thinking more generalized and vague thoughts.  To speed up the momentum, focus on more specific and detailed thoughts.

Money:                               The idea of Spiritual supply, objectified.

Mystic:                                One who senses the Divine Presence.

Mysticism:                          Not a mystery, but a mystic sense of the presence of Ultimate Reality.

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