Perspectives on Positivity

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What Does Positivity Mean To You?

You could search for definitions of Positivity in any vocabulary, but it still would not explain what it really means. Positivity is a word that has different meanings for everyone and only if you understand these different perspectives, you’ll start to understand what Positivity means.

Female – 24 – Florida, US
“Positivity to me is sheer proof of love in all things. Positivity is the love of thyself, love of thy neighbor, and the world around you. Where there is love, there is hope. Where there is hope stronger than fear—there is positivity. As humans, we are not immune to the notion of fear but have every potential to trump it with overwhelming hope and gratitude and that is the very essence of positivity.”


Male – 63 – Netherlands
“Positivity means to me when I am surrounded by friends and family who think and act positive about life and manhood. Be positively interested in many things and people that surround you, also of the past and in the future. Positivity gives me a lot of energy and a good feeling to cope with problems in life!”


Male – 34 – California, US
“Positivity is a lifestyle a bit like yoga! Once you’ve tried it and you made the conscious effort to practice it, you cannot stop and always want more. Makes your life special and the people and you even more special. It’s a path to awakening just like meditation is. The energy that surrounds you is pure and elevate you to the next level and the next…
You just need to stop and watch. Surrender.”


Female – 23 – California, US/Estonia
“Positivity for me is appreciating the little things in our routine lives and not letting small insignificant disturbances ruin your mood. It’s about going with the flow, managing your expectations and loving yourself.
I think it is incredibly important to know your limits – don’t overwork and stress yourself out, nor do too little and be left feeling unfulfilled. Understand the balance of working and relaxing that makes you the happiest!”


Male – 29 – Netherlands/Curacao
“There’s no set meaning to positivity, but if I had to describe what it means to me…Having the capability to accept all the negativity around you and choosing to respond to it in a way that does not affect your mental well being…doing this has the potential to improve another’s outlook on the same situation as well. Therefore, having this capability could not only allow you to live a positive life but make a positive change in someone else’s life by showing them a new way of dealing with the negativity in their life.”


Female – 23 – Netherlands/Marrocan
“Freedom of the mindset with a twist of happiness and good vibes. Don’t let others influence your positive vibe. Stay focused on your mindset and lots of good things are waiting for you outside, I can tell!”


Male – 24 – Netherlands/Bulgary
“I believe that one can always focus on the positive side of things and take everything as a learning experience, as an opportunity for growth. However, I think chasing positivity and happiness as an end goal is a prerequisite for failure, as that is not how humans work. Feeling off, even sad is your subconscious letting you know that something isn’t right, it is then your job to fix it and as result, you get happy/ positive. In this continuous loop, it is your duty to be kind to yourself and others and contribute to society by encouraging people, as you are aware that they might be in the hard stage of the cycle at the given moment.”


Female – 29 – California, US
“Positivity is a conscious choice. It’s a perspective, a way of looking at things. I think it goes beyond the glass half full analogy. I think the tendency is to worry about whether there will be enough water to last, or what will happen if the glass knocks over. Positivity is about letting go of unnecessary worry. I think it’s easy to go in the other direction as well, to look at everyone on social media and passing by not really seeing you and thinking everyone else leads these positive, carefree lives but you. It’s not true. Everyone had their own problems. Positivity is how you frame it. Someone once said I would rather be an optimist and wrong than a pessimist and right. Positivity is about hope and striving for the underlying goodness in any situation. I’ve heard that dolphins make a conscious choice with every breath. So it can be too with positivity. Sometimes it’s easier than others, and it can become a habit or a way of life, but that doesn’t make it any less a choice with each day and each decision you confront. It’s not glossing over the bad, it’s choosing to focus on the good, as well as how to get there.”


Male – 23 – Netherlands
“Positivity to me is just as important as health and happiness. I think everybody would opt for these if they had the choice. They are things that make life better. Positivity, however, does stand apart, positivity has a unique way of giving us hope, helping us grow, and allowing ourselves to dream and move forward. If anything, I have always been a vivid dreamer, living more in the future than in the present. Day by day I see more of my smaller and bigger past dreams come into reality. This could have never happened if I hadn’t had the power to think positively in the first place.

Therefor positivity means more to me than health and happiness, it is the fuel for a brighter future.”



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