The Law of Cause and Effect

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Everything that we currently have in our lives is an effect that is a result of a specific cause that you brought about from within yourself. Every heard about Karma? You know what it means but did you know the scientific meaning behind it? Let’s find out.

 “The recognition of the Law of Cause and Effect, also known as Karma, is a fundamental key to understand how you’ve created your world, with actions of your body, speech, and mind. When you truly understand Karma, then you realize you are responsible for everything in your life. It is incredibly empowering to know that your future is in your hands.”
– Kearn Reeves

Do you remember the blog about the Law of Vibration? Any of the 12 Universal Laws are based on this law. If you haven’t read it:

The Law of Cause and Effect says that every human thought, word or deed is a cause that becomes an unseen wave of energy throughout the Universe which vibrates into the cosmos and eventually back to the original source.

Every effect has a specific and predictable cause.

Every cause has a specific and predictable effect.

The decisions or actions we make have certain consequences, we all know this right? The proportion of this decision doesn’t matter, big or small. Each set of decisions we make has set events in motion that we are experiencing right now. Even by you reading this blog, was a decision and will have a predictable effect for your future.

We must not forget, that our thoughts are just as powerful as the decision we make. Our thoughts create causes, they give meaning to circumstances, even better your life experience is a reflection of thoughts manifestations.

This is how every 12 of the Universal Laws connect with each other and by understanding all them. You will get an understanding of how to take your life in your own hands and change or improve in any way you want.

Want to know more about The Law of Cause and Effect, please watch this short video: Click here.

Photo by Vivienne van der Velden

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