Inspirational People

Photo by Eidy Bambang-Sunaryo on Unsplash

Whenever I felt in despair one of my lights in the dark was realizing that so many great people had obstacles in their lives too and once the storm passes they were so much stronger than before.

Only in the darkness, can you see the stars.

I think learning from people’s lives is a great way to reflect on your own and know that there will be brighter days. In honor to those people that helped me through some more difficult parts in my life, I dedicate this page to them. My wish for you is that in those dark times, these people can be your stars. Let these stars guide you to the strength that is already in you, sometimes we just need to shine some light on it.

Here you can find the blog posts through the people that have inspired me the most:





Photo by Vivienne van der Velden

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