The Law of Correspondence

Photo by Edu Grande on Unsplash

This might be one of the most important Universal Laws, especially for those who perceive themselves as being in a ‘tight spot’ or an unbreakable circle of negativity. We have all heard of the phrase “if you want to change the world, change with yourself”.
The Law of Correspondences tells us that if you want to change YOUR outer world, you got to start changing within.

It is an extradentary principle that tells us that our current reality is a reflection of what is going on inside of us. If our Inner Self is insecure, negative, chaotic or unfulfilling then your Outer Self will also experience negative situations and chaos. It is truly sad when people become stuck in this cyclical process. They have experienced too many bad things, to think positive, they can only worry about the next bad situation to happen. It gets worse when they start blaming others or the world for their unfortunate life. If you recognize yourself in this, then it is very critical to shift your paradigm.

The only thing in life we have total control over is our thinking process. Only when we change our thoughts patterns to focus on our true desires, is how we can make meaningful changes.

“When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change” – Wayne Dyers

Yes, all those bad moments we experienced are probably created by our Inner Self but think about it this way… The truly wonderful thing is that by taking control of our minds and thinking, we take control of all other aspects of life! This is the key to personal fulfillment and balance.

Want to know more about The Law of Correspondence, please watch this short video: Click here.

Photo by Vivienne van der Velden

Vivienne van der Velden is a digital marketing student at San Jose State University. She is learning more about social media account and wants to share her knowledge with you. She is following her passion of becoming a Content Creator or Social Media Manager. Connect with Vivienne on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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Hi, I am Vivienne van der Velden. A digital marketing student at SJSU. My core value is positivity; which I use to communicate your desired message through every social media channel, with the best ROI.

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