The Law of Divine Oneness

Photo by Ricardo Rocha on Unsplash

In life, we often exist believing we live in our own silos. We think of ourselves as unique and different from others and that there is no possible connection between us and a dog or a waterfall. While we may think of ourselves as different and unique, there is something far more powerful that binds us to one another.

In Star Wars, Obi-Wan famously described the Force to Luke Skywalker as:
“An energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together”.

This is the Law of Divine Oneness.

This law simply states that everything is connected and is interdependent on one another. What we say, think or do has an inferential effect on the world around us. The Law uses God to describe that “force” of sorts and depending on your beliefs you might have another name for that omnipotent energy. Either way, there is an energy that can never be created or destroyed and is present in everything living or material and is permanently connected.

This law is very important to understand and adopt as a firm belief because it can change your life and the lives of those around you. How? Well, if you believe that everything is connected and that we are all the same no matter where we come from and our beliefs, then even our worst enemies on this planet are actually “us”. Meaning, if we focus on the good in us and others because we are all one in the same, then the result will be two seemingly enemies loving and caring for each other.

In short, the law transcends all religious and political boundaries as well as color and species for that matter! The more I study this law and dive deeper into its meaning, I grow more hopeful our world can change for the better.
We just require the will to do it.

Want to know more about The Law of Divine Oneness, please watch this short video: Click here.

Photo by Vivienne van der Velden

Vivienne van der Velden is a digital marketing student at San Jose State University. She is learning more about social media account and wants to share her knowledge with you. She is following her passion of becoming a Content Creator or Social Media Manager. Connect with Vivienne on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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Hi, I am Vivienne van der Velden. A digital marketing student at SJSU. My core value is positivity; which I use to communicate your desired message through every social media channel, with the best ROI.

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