The Law of Rhythm

Photo by joshua yu on Unsplash

Please read The Law of Vibration.
If you already know what The Law of Vibration is? Awesome! Keep on reading!

The Law of Rhythm is a step deeper into the understanding the vibrations of the Universe. For you now know that everything in the Universe vibrates, you also must know that these vibrations are not chaotic, it is orderly. Everything moves or dances in a certain rhythm.
But…How do we apply this knowledge to improve our lives?

“The Universe has a pulse and rhythm of its own, and it wants to carry you with it.
So if you dance with spirit, just remember to let it lead.”
– Sonia Choquette

The Law of Rhythm is teaching us that everything in life goes up and down again,
it goes to the right and then to left.
Everything happens in cycles. Think about it.
There are cycles in our economy, with high and low periods.
The seasons are a cycle from summer to winter.
Our relationships, health, and spirituality it governs everything.

Everything goes through this cycle, even though it seems random.
Everything has its purpose.

See The Law of Rhythm as a wave in the ocean of life. If you stand against the current, the waves will beat you up.  You need to relax and let the wave take you where it wants to go, you may hit a few rough ones but the others will be amazing to ride!

So how do we ride those waves in the ocean of life?

By knowing that there will be peaks and bottoms in life.
For instance, at some point in life, your health may be at its peak. Don’t you agree, that at some point we will get sick even it is is just a cold?
However, instead of perceiving this as a decrease in health or something wrong with you.
You know now, that everything has tides. You will rise above those negative parts of a cycle, you are at the beginning of your new positive cycle.

The key to success is to find a balance in both the positive and negative cycles,
go with the current & dance with life’s rhythm.

Want to know more about The Law of Rhythm, please watch this short video: Click here.

Photo by Vivienne van der Velden

Vivienne van der Velden is a digital marketing student at San Jose State University. She is learning more about social media account and wants to share her knowledge with you. She is following her passion of becoming a Content Creator or Social Media Manager. Connect with Vivienne on LinkedInInstagramFacebook and Twitter.


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