Gaia: the Netflix for Your Soul

By Unsplash

If you know about the LoA and the 11 other Universal Laws then you know off Gaia. No, I don’t mean the Gaia from the Greek mythology also called Mother of The Earth but of course, they are related. I mean the Gaia created by Jirka Rysavy in 2016. Gaia is The Netflix for people who want to expand their consciousness mind, learn about yoga and meditation, being inspired and transformed into an awoken soul.

There is more than you think.

Gaia is all about the truth-seekers, yogis, dreamers, and believers. Gaia is the largest conscious media network to empower the evolution of consciousness. It focusses on different subjects to evolve our souls, to get more knowledge in how to use our hidden powers of the Universe. Gaia has movies/documentaries ranging from explanations about the Universe to neurologists explaining how our brain works. There are long but also short video’s on all sort of topics, so you can find exactly what fits your desire.

You can find subjects such as:

  • How to deal with emotions and being happy
  • Universe
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Gratitude
  • Follow your dreams
  • Inspirational
  • Connecting to the subconscious mind
  • Awakening
  • Breaking bad habits
  • And so so much more!

Are you searching for more in-depth knowledge about how to develop your soul, have more inner-peace or just curious about the Universe then I think you should join the Gaia community.

You are here for a reason, let’s find your passion and realize your dreams.

I know the Gaia network is just like Netflix not free and I am not trying to sell you anything. Honestly, I learned a lot from documentaries, videos, and short movies and that is why I am sharing it with you.

If you feel like that there is more than just the regular mainstream and you want to ignite your spark then click on ‘Gaia‘ and find how to make your desire reality.



Photo by Vivienne van der Velden

Vivienne van der Velden is a digital marketing student at San Jose State University. She is learning more about social media account and wants to share her knowledge with you. She is following her passion of becoming a Content Creator or Social Media Manager. Connect with Vivienne on LinkedInInstagramFacebook and Twitter.




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Hi, I am Vivienne van der Velden. A digital marketing student at SJSU. My core value is positivity; which I use to communicate your desired message through every social media channel, with the best ROI.

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