Do You Start Your Day with Positive Energy?

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash How do you start your morning? You make a coffee or do a short work-out? Or are you that kind of person that doesn’t want to get out the bed at all? With either of those morning routines, you are missing something important that could improve not just your morning but yourContinue reading “Do You Start Your Day with Positive Energy?”

Stop Labelling Yourself by What Other People Think of You!

Photo by Cristi Tohatan on Unsplash Have you ever heard about the ‘I AM Theory’? If so, do you know how it can make a difference in your self-esteem and therefore in your life? It might seem very straightforward and also a bit hard to believe that this can make a positive difference in your life. This isContinue reading “Stop Labelling Yourself by What Other People Think of You!”

What is Your Shining Light in the Dark?

Photo by Bogomil Mihaylov on Unsplash Do you have something in your life that helped you out of dark situations? Something you could turn to and it would disappear the clouds from the sky? Luckily, I found that thing at a very young age.

Let’s Dance in the Rain

Photo by Spencer Dahl on Unsplash Grow Your Positivity is all about positive thinking, positive energy and as a result of achieving your goals and making your dreams reality. This post is going to be a little bit different because life can’t always be happy, joyful and fun and I am really glad it is not.

How To Be Inspired In a Joyful Way

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash Do not be discouraged by the distance you still have to travel. Instead, appreciate how many ‘life miles’you already covered. Your struggles have changed into a stronger and better person. Don’t let anyone dissuade you from blooming into the person you are meant to be. Keep on walking. -Dodinsky Ever wonderedContinue reading “How To Be Inspired In a Joyful Way”